Tips & tricks

Drag & drop multiple script objects on edit graph:


No need to drop the links directly to a pin/connector, just drop them on node and they will be connected to the first available pin:


Selecting & deleting the links:


Redirecting the links (by CTRL+Drag):


Spawning multiple nodes from node list window:


Drag & drop the script objects directly on pins/connectors:

Inserting the node into the sequence:


Creating variables from pin:


Creating commentaries: press right mouse button while selection area is active:

..also for nodes:

Drop gameobject, component or asset to create a variable for it:

Fast search filter:

No spacing - search by full namespace name + name (contains)

One spacing - search only by name (contains)

Two spacing - exact name

Three spacings - exact name, don't ignore case.

One spacing at start of search - name should srarts from search string.

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