Saving scripts

Nottorus Script Editor saves all script objects, nodes, and other plugin system data to the files with extension .nts. After compiling the .cs script file will be created in a same folder as .nts file.


Editor automatically makes backup of a saves (every 5 min by default) into ”%ProjectFolder%/NottorusEditor/Autosaves” folder with the possible compression as zip file. Autosave delay and other option of this feature can be found in Options dialog of editor.


All editor scripts (Inspector scripts, editor Plugins and all related with them) must be located in any Editor folder in project. These scripts will be ignored during building the game and not be compiled to build. Plugin check their location while saving new script and show message in case invalid location.


Monobehaviour script class must be named as its file name, otherwise this script can’t be used on GameObjects.

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