Using nodes

All available nodes can be found in New Node Menu, which opening by clicking right mouse button on edit graph:




Above in the list the default nodes are located. Most of them are the standard functionality of C# language.

  • Flow control nodes used for controlling sequence of code and can be executed by sequence connector;
  • Data nodes used for data calculation, conversion, binary operations, etc.


After default nodes goes other nodes, which generated (by C# reflection) from used assemblies (dll). They provide access to all functions, properties, constructors of Types from those assemblies.


Connected libraries can be checked in the ‘Assemblies’ button in New Nodes List:

Description of some libraries:

  • mscorlib – default library for C# language, which contains all basic Types (bool, int, string, etc.). Recommended always be turned on.
  • UnityEngine – base library for Unity Engine, which contains all basic Types (GameObject, Transform, Vector3, etc.). Recommended always be turned on when you work with Unity Engine objects (types).
  • UnityEditor – library which takes access to all Types for creating Unity editor scripts.
  • Assembly-CSharp – gives access to all Types in custom scripts of current project. Can be turn off when no need to access to other project scripts or while developing scripts which not dependents on other project scripts.
  • Assembly-CSharp-Editor – same as Assembly-CSharp, but used for access to custom editor scripts in current project. 
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