Node edit graph

Each script function, property or class constructor has its own node edit graph, which holds all nodes of code sequence and it has by default one entry node and one return node. All code in edit graph starts executing from entry node, and finish executing when it comes to the last node of sequence (no next node to execute) or when reached to return node, which terminates executing current function and also used for returning value from function.


Entry node can’t be duplicated in edit graph, unlike return node, which can be copy-pasted and used at any place in the code. Entry and return nodes can’t be completely deleted from edit graph.


All sequence nodes must be linked with white bold line, which starts from entry node connector and goes from one node to another. This line displays nodes execution order. The connection is made by dragging one connector to other. One of connectors must be ‘in’ direction and other is ‘out’ direction:



Data nodes have one out pin and must be connected to in pin of other nodes. The color of line is defined by type of data variable:




Some functions has out pin named 'return', which will return a value from the function. If you need just to invoke function- use sequence connectors. To get return value from function you must to use only out pin value (after the function will be worked out the return value will be returned). No need to use sequence connectors and out pin in together, it will execute function twice!

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